Аквариумные рыбки и их болезни

Aquarium tropical fish and fish diseases


List of all fish diseases

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Bacterial tropical fish diseases

  1. Aeromonas hydrophila lat.: Aeromonas hydrophila other: "Hemmorhagic Septicemia", "Motile Aeromonas Septicemia", "Ulcer Disease", "Red-Sore Disease"
  2. Columnaris lat.: Flexibacter columnaris other: Mouth Fungus
  3. Fin Rot
  4. Fish Tuberculosis lat.: Mycobacterium piscium
  5. Myxobacteriosis
  6. Pseudomonas lat.: Pseudomonas
  7. Scale shedding other: Scale protrusion
  8. Vitiligo
  9. White skin disease lat.: Pseudomonas dermoalba

Viral tropical fish disorders

  1. Koi herpes Virus (KHV)
  2. Lymphocystis other: Cell enlargement (hypertrophy)
  3. Papillomatosis other: papilloma, papillary tumor
  4. Spring Koi Disease other: Spring Viraemia of Carp (SVC)


  1. Argulus lat: Argulus other: Argulus
  2. Brooklynella lat: Brooklynella hostilis
  3. Chilodonella lat: Chilodonella
  4. Costia lat: Ichthyobodo necatrix, Costia necatrix
  5. Dactylogyridea lat: Dactylogyridea
  6. Fish leeches
  7. Glossatella lat: Glossatella
  8. Glugea lat: Glugea
  9. Gyrodactylus lat: Gyrodactylus
  10. Hexamita truttae lat: Hexamita (Octomitus) truttae other: Octomitus
  11. Hydra lat: Hydra
  12. Ichthyophthirius lat: Ichthyophthirius multifiliis other: white spot
  13. Lernaea lat: Lernaea other: Anchor worm
  14. Marine ich lat: Cryptocarion irritans other: Marine ich
  15. Planaria other: Planaria Worms
  16. Tetrahymena lat: Tetrahymena
  17. Trichodina lat: Trichodina
  18. Velvet lat: Oodinium other: Coral Fish Disease


  1. Dermatomycosis lat: Saorolegniales
  2. Fungal roe disease lat: Saprolegnia, Achlya
  3. Gill rot lat: Branchiomyces sanguinis, Branchiomyces demigrans
  4. Ichthyosporidium hoferi lat: Ichthyosporidium hoferi other: Fungus Disease
  5. Pleistophora lat: Pleistophora hyphessobryconis other: Neon tetra disease

Other disorders:

  1. A hypervitaminosis
  2. A Hypovitaminosis
  3. Acidemia other: Ammonia poisoning
  4. Alkalosis
  5. Ammonia and nitrates poisoning
  6. Asphyxia
  7. B hypovitaminosis
  8. B2 Hypovitaminosis
  9. B6 Hypovitaminosis
  10. Broken back disease other: scoliosis
  11. C Hypovitaminosis
  12. Chlorine poisoning
  13. Cold
  14. D hypervitaminosis
  15. D hypovitaminosis
  16. E hypervitaminosis
  17. E Hypovitaminosis
  18. Embolism other: Gas Bubble Disease
  19. Exophthalmia other: pop-eye
  20. Gonad cyst
  21. Heavy metal poisoning
  22. High concentration of CO2
  23. Hydrogen sulphide poisoning
  24. Hypoi other: lack of vitamins, hypovitaminosis
  25. Inflammation of intestines
  26. Lack of dissolved oxygen
  27. Lack of iodine
  28. Lack of minerals
  29. Obesity of internal organs
  30. Osmoregulatory stress other: Osmoregulatory shock
  31. Overheating
  32. Poisoning by medicine, food, aquarium chemistry
  33. Scoliosis other: growth impairment, spine curvature
  34. Temperature shock
  35. рН-shock

Total diseases and disorders in database: 71