Аквариумные рыбки и их болезни

Aquarium tropical fish and fish diseases


Fish diseases survey

Choose disease or disorder which you have observed in your fish and remember how fish behaved and looked like at the moment.


  1. Aeromonas hydrophila lat.: Aeromonas hydrophila other: "Hemmorhagic Septicemia", "Motile Aeromonas Septicemia", "Ulcer Disease", "Red-Sore Disease"
  2. Columnaris lat.: Flexibacter columnaris other: Mouth Fungus
  3. Fin Rot
  4. Fish Tuberculosis lat.: Mycobacterium piscium
  5. Myxobacteriosis
  6. Pseudomonas lat.: Pseudomonas
  7. Scale shedding other: Scale protrusion
  8. Vitiligo
  9. White skin disease lat.: Pseudomonas dermoalba


  1. Koi herpes Virus (KHV)
  2. Lymphocystis other: Cell enlargement (hypertrophy)
  3. Papillomatosis other: papilloma, papillary tumor
  4. Spring Koi Disease other: Spring Viraemia of Carp (SVC)


  1. Argulus lat.: Argulus other: Argulus
  2. Brooklynella lat.: Brooklynella hostilis
  3. Chilodonella lat.: Chilodonella
  4. Costia lat.: Ichthyobodo necatrix, Costia necatrix
  5. Dactylogyridea lat.: Dactylogyridea
  6. Fish leeches
  7. Glossatella lat.: Glossatella
  8. Glugea lat.: Glugea
  9. Gyrodactylus lat.: Gyrodactylus
  10. Hexamita truttae lat.: Hexamita (Octomitus) truttae other: Octomitus
  11. Hydra lat.: Hydra
  12. Ichthyophthirius lat.: Ichthyophthirius multifiliis other: white spot
  13. Lernaea lat.: Lernaea other: Anchor worm
  14. Marine ich lat.: Cryptocarion irritans other: Marine ich
  15. Planaria other: Planaria Worms
  16. Tetrahymena lat.: Tetrahymena
  17. Trichodina lat.: Trichodina
  18. Velvet lat.: Oodinium other: Coral Fish Disease


  1. Dermatomycosis lat.: Saorolegniales
  2. Fungal roe disease lat.: Saprolegnia, Achlya
  3. Gill rot lat.: Branchiomyces sanguinis, Branchiomyces demigrans
  4. Ichthyosporidium hoferi lat.: Ichthyosporidium hoferi other: Fungus Disease
  5. Pleistophora lat.: Pleistophora hyphessobryconis other: Neon tetra disease


  1. A hypervitaminosis
  2. A Hypovitaminosis
  3. Acidemia other: Ammonia poisoning
  4. Alkalosis
  5. Ammonia and nitrates poisoning
  6. Asphyxia
  7. B hypovitaminosis
  8. B2 Hypovitaminosis
  9. B6 Hypovitaminosis
  10. Broken back disease other: scoliosis
  11. C Hypovitaminosis
  12. Chlorine poisoning
  13. Cold
  14. D hypervitaminosis
  15. D hypovitaminosis
  16. E hypervitaminosis
  17. E Hypovitaminosis
  18. Embolism other: Gas Bubble Disease
  19. Exophthalmia other: pop-eye
  20. Gonad cyst
  21. Heavy metal poisoning
  22. High concentration of CO2
  23. Hydrogen sulphide poisoning
  24. Hypoi other: lack of vitamins, hypovitaminosis
  25. Inflammation of intestines
  26. Lack of dissolved oxygen
  27. Lack of iodine
  28. Lack of minerals
  29. Obesity of internal organs
  30. Osmoregulatory stress other: Osmoregulatory shock
  31. Overheating
  32. Poisoning by medicine, food, aquarium chemistry
  33. Scoliosis other: growth impairment, spine curvature
  34. Temperature shock
  35. рН-shock