Aquarium tropical fish and fish diseases


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17/01/2008 | Planting with Peat HASH(0x87d0f40) full text...

24/11/2007 | Lighting for Aquatic Animals the different types of lighting recommended for aquariums full text...

11/09/2006 | Tropical Fish Tank Maintenance Aquarium maintenance is one of the many important parts of owning an aquarium. It is definitely not as fun as decorating the tank or picking out tropical fish, but without the proper fish tank maintenance, you will be endangering your fish. Aquarium maintenance should be performed on a schedule to ensure that you never miss out on what needs done. The aquarium is the home the fish live in and must be maintained for the welfare of the fish. Besides, it is not any fun to watch fish in a dirty aquarium.

You should perform regular aquarium care every two to three weeks. This means that you should look at the overall condition of your tank. Start with the outside first. Guarantee that everything is functioning the method that it should. Check the lights, the filter, the heater, and the pump. If anything looks like it is breaking down, be sure to fix the problem before moving on. Malfunctioning fish tank equipment will also cause the fish tank to require more frequent cleaning and care.

Ignoring an issue like this will not make it disappear. In addition, it will only make the problem worse and put in jeopardy the life of your fish. After thoroughly checking the outside of the tank, move to the inside. Check to make sure that the water temperature is where it should be, and that the chemicals in the water are within an acceptable range. Also, remember to check and see if your gravel needs to be cleaned. If it does, take care of it right away. How about the walls of the tank? If there is a lot of algae growing, be sure to locate out why, and also clean it off.

If you need help with fish tank care, there are quite some books selling. You can also ask your local pet store for advice on aquarium maintenance. Online is also a great source of information, as there are hundreds of sites devoted to fish tanks and aquarium enthusiasts.

Aquarium care is an important aspect of your larger fish tank format and is important to integrate into your overall scheme. There are ways to keep care down, but you can not escape the inevitability of having to perform maintenance. For example, there are special fish you can buy, called algae eaters, that will eat the algae from the inside of the tank. They do a fair job, but a thorough cleaning can't be beat. full text...

30/08/2006 | Tropical Fish Secrets Review I always wanted to have a fish tank full of beautiful and healthy tropical fish. That would also be a sort of centerpiece in my family, kitchen and meals area.

Well that seemed simple enough. Just go down to the local fish store or pet store. Buy an aquarium, some gravel, plants and pretty looking fish. Then take it home, put the gravel and plants in, fill it with water, drop the fish in and its done.

At first everything looked fine. Then after a couple of weeks some of the Goldfish died. And some of the smaller species seemed to disappear.

That was the first warning that something was wrong.

So I called the fish store and they sent me a guide. But even though the girl was helpful, she couldn't answer some of my basic questions.

I needed more accurate and helpful advice in setting up my tropical fish aquarium. Preferably from someone that has a lot of experience doing this for sometime. So I went online and searched for help until I found it.

Sean LeMay is a tropical fish expert who has been passionate about them for over 30 years. He now had uncovered hundreds of his personal tips, techniques and secrets about tropical fish that no one else seems to know.

Sean has put all his secrets together in an ebook you can download called Tropical Fish Secrets.

You can see more information about this guide and get hold of it here.

I highly recommend this useful guide that helped me resuce my remaining fish and set up my fish aquarium again, the correct way.

Also for a very limited time, Sean is offering two extra tropical fish books for free. These books are worth as much as "Tropical Fish Secrets". Check out these two free bonuses here at Tropical Fish Secrets.

And just like I did, get a head start to keeping healthy and beautiful tropical fish. full text...

28/08/2006 | Social Breeds of Tropical Fish In the last post we talked briefly about different types of breeds. In this one I want to show you in more detail the different breeds of social tropical fish. The fish that don't mind hanging out with each other. So here we go.


Also known a Zebra Danios becouse of their distinctive stripes. I have several of these in my fish tank and they are easy to keep.


The ones shown here are Neon Tetras. They certainly add color to your aquarium.


I can remember many years ago a penpal in San Jose, California who owned some Guppies. They have a very decorative fant tail. Quite impressive to include with your other tropical fish.


These Swordtails are commonly orange.


Also known as Saltwater Mollies and related to Guppies, come mainly from teh southern coasts of USA and South America.


As you can see with whiskers like that, the Corydoras is a member of the Catfish family.

Next time I will show you the semi-social breeds of tropical fish. full text...

23/08/2006 | How To Choose Your Tropical Fish OK folks, let's get this tropical fish gig on the road.

Knowing how to choose your new tropical fish is going to be one of the most important things you ever do in this new hobby. But how can you tell which are the best fish for your tank? This is the question I will answer for you in this article.

The first thing we need to discuss is the temperament of your fish. There are only three main different temperaments a fish can have. Here they are:

Social breeds. These breeds of fish will get along with any other type of fish. Some of the most common fish to fit in this category are Danios, Tetras, Guppies, Swordtails, Mollies and Corydoras.

Semi-social breeds. These breeds can comfortably be kept along with other fish that are of equal size without them showing signs of aggression. Think of fish like Barbs, Angelfish and Gouramis.

Aggressive breeds. These breeds of fish must always be kept by themselves, or at most, in pairs with another fish of the same breed. An example of these type of fish would be Male Bettas, Oscars and Jewelfish.

If youve got a good local pet store, they should be able to give you further advice on what kind of fish you can keep together. A good question to ask the pet employees is if the fish have been kept in quarantine for at least two weeks before being available for sale.

If they havent been quarantined the fish will be much more susceptible to disease and early death if they have been exposed to high amounts of stress (such as being on an airplane) without a few weeks rest time.

Another important thing to look for in a fish is its color. You want to choose a fish that has a dense and well-defined color. If the fish has a pattern, check to see there isnt any signs of blurring between colors.

Well I hope that's helped you in choosing the right breed of tropical fish for you. Stayed tuned for more. full text...

23/08/2006 | Tropical Fish Hello There Fellow Tropical Fish Enthusiasts,

I am so excited to bring you this new tropical fish blog because of the great expertise of all the contributors we will be having over the next few weeks.

You will learn so much about keeping your tropical fish healthy and alive ....yes that is important....live tropical fish is the first thing we strive for.

And all other other great tropical fish keeping secrets I will force out of the experts. Even covering topics like aquariums, choosing the right species for your tank, and other things you guys will request.

We'll get started today so bookmark and check back in a few hours.

Speak Soon,

The Tropical Fish Guy full text...

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